SugarCane Juice Extractor Machines!

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SugarCane Juice Extractor Machines!

*Price Drop!* New Year SALE -  £1370*

The TNT-E1 sugarcane juicer is in stock and we will ship straight to your door!

We've got the stock, we've dropped the lot!

This is super-lightweight electric piece of art that is geared for easy juicing operation and will last for many years. 

Technical specifications are as follows:

Model: TNT-E1
Net weight: 65kgs
Gross weight: 85 kgs in crate
Housing material
: Food grade stainless steel
Safety: Reverse switch
: Yes
Dimensions: l: 48cm x w: 37cm x h: 56cm
Power: Minimum 80w motor
Voltage: 220v 50/ 60hz
Plug: Three-pin, UK compatible
Function: Juicing
Certification: PAT-tested. UK valid for one year
Capacity: 400kg per hour
Warranty: Yes, one year
After sales: Yes
Available shipping: car, post, local pick-up

It comes with a one year limited warranty beginning from the date of purchase. Delivery usually within 7-10 days from ordering.

The machine is lightweight, industrially-designed, and weighs about 65kgs. 

*While stocked!


We can also provide you with more sugarcane too, in order to get your business going with a swing. 

PS - Did you know that sugarcane juice is said to be a good cure for jaundice?

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