Wholesale & Cane Video

So passionate about the viability of West Indian produce in the EU, we gave up our comfortable corporate PAYE careers and began market trading in 2012 on London's Brixton Station Road.
We now wholesale: 
Raw Sugarcane stalks - peeled and unpeeled from £5.65/kg
Sugarcane Juice in a variety of flavours from £12/litre
Sugarcane cocktail sticks (per 100 @ 10cm length; below a pic from one of our corporate events) 
West Indian exotics (Fruit and veg!)
Jamaica Rum and Fruit Cake (made to order)
Jelly/ Green Coconuts  from £25 per box. Prepped for consumption
Jerk Catering (We cook to order) 

As stated, from bars, hotels and restaurants we are now able to provide raw sugarcane juice. We think it's the perfect chaser to cocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks. It is highly effective as a natural sweetener for hot or cold drinks. 

For further wholesale information call +44(0) 7586 749 321 or email Info@JamaicaDeli.com
These early videos below pay testament to the distance we've come since our birth! Now we have automation and a bespoke production unit.

Then we discovered sound! (below!)
Having started off with heavy, cast iron antique mangles, our operation is now fully-automated and we attend events, festivals, markets and corporate functions all over the UK and EU.

It's been a fun journey and will continue as long as you support us in our endeavour to present the finest foods from the West indies for your consideration.

We know that our success depends entirely on maintaining our customer’s confidence in the quality of our products, so we pay close attention to our products every step of the way. Take our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee for instance. Through purchasing, cupping, roasting, packaging and delivery it is always fresh and simply world class. We stand by all our products.

We maintain good, consistent and fair relationships with our vegetable, fruit and coffee farmers to ensure the highest quality of product and beans.

And how it looks at our markets and events today (below) ... Ever cool, always clean and crisp...